Welcome to the EGF website

Based in Villars-sur-Glâne (Fribourg, Switzerland), we are a small team that specialises in publishing greeting cards. Gilbert Fleury, the chief editor, is both a cameraman and professional photographer. At EGF we use our extensive savoir-faire and experience to create quality card collections for businesses, professionals and individuals.
Today, the image is one of the most popular means of communication throughout the world. Greeting cards are OUR means of expression. Via this medium, we aim to bring you a variety of designs and sentiments , with a focus on originality and creativity. With this in mind, we scour the region to find the most talented artists, painters and photographers.
The works chosen are original and remain affordable for all budgets. We hope that you too will enjoy the cards in our collection and the special care that we take in creating them.
Copyright warning: All our images are copyright ©and protected by law. Any reproduction, whether for personal or commercial use, is strictly prohibited and may lead to prosecution.